About Us

TransOceana Limited is a New Zealand company founded in by a signal analysis expert and an intellectual property attorney, both of whom have been rescued at sea. TransOceana was incorporated under the Laws of New Zealand, Registration No.2146664 on August 6, 2008. Our mission is to facilitate safety at sea by providing state of the art GMDSS software at a price that all safety and rescue services can afford.

TransOceana and its associates are industry professionals with 20+ years experience in government and private sector marine safety & communications. Craig Young, the Vice-President of Engineering holds a degree in physics and theoretical mathematics.  Mr. Young has thirty plus years of experience in signal analysis and complex mathematical modelling.

We’re a global leader in the design and implementation of PC-based DSC, NBDP, NAVTEX and radio control software components for use in GMDSS A1, A2, A3 shore stations, vessels and monitoring stations. We make state of the art maritime technology available at costs within the budget of even small countries.

Software Extendability

Our maritime software is able to work with a range of systems – from legacy to the state-of-the-art, or even a combination of both. We can tailor a system to our client’s needs. Radios can be co-located or remote and consoles for one or more operators in multiple control centres.

Our extensive network of shore stations worldwide can provide true multi-point to multi-point systems tailored for your needs.

Software Reliability

Our software is designed with sensitive algorithms that provide more clarity to your marine communications, ensuring shore station operators receive your transmissions to lower risk to your maritime crew out at sea.

With our wide range of supported technologies, you are able to upgrade your hardware without needing to also update your software. We have no reported issues from hardware upgrades affecting our software, giving you the reliability you need from your maritime communications.

SOLAS Requirements

The TransOceana GMDSS system meets or exceeds the recommendations of today’s maritime safety requirements.

Digital Selective Calling (DSC)

Recommendation ITU-R M.493-13 (DSC technical specifications)
Recommendation ITU-R M.541-9 (DSC operational procedures)
Recommendation ITU-R M.821.1
ETSI 300 338 – Technical characteristics and methods of measurement for equipment for generation, transmission and reception of DSC


Recommendation ITU-R M.540
Recommendation ITU-R M.476
Recommendation ITU-R-R M.625