Relay Control interface

  • A USB hardware relay module
  • 4 relays per module
  • Max 100 modules per operator console
  • NC/NO configuration for each relay
  • Small signal or large signal relays available
  • Any relay can be accessed from one or more consoles
  • Relay status is updated instantly on console


The TransOceana Relay Control feature integrates small signal hardware relay control into its GMDSS Operator Console software program. The relays can be used to toggle PTT on radio transmitters, activate lights, alarms, door locks, etc.  Each relay module provides 4 relay contacts. Up to 100 relay modules can be added per operator console.

The relay handler panel is displayed on the operator console under H/W devices. There is one panel for each hardware module. Each module provides 4 small signal or 4 large signal relays. Each relay can be configured for NO or NC operation. The relay status is updated frequently and displayed as an indicator lamp above each switch.  The entire module (all 4 relays) can be powered off with a single switch.

For larger systems, each console can be configured to display selected relay modules. For example, an administrative console can be configured to not display any relays handlers. A technician console can be configured to display only those relays within a certain geographic region.